World’s Oldest Person, Turns 116 Old, Susannah Mushatt Jones

Susannah Mushatt Jones, World’s Oldest Person, Turns 116

Susannah Mushatt Jones is 116 years old. (Photo: Guinness World Records/AFP)

Susannah Mushatt Jones of Brooklyn, New York, who is also the world’s oldest person, turns 116 today (July 6). She was named the world’s oldest person by Guinness World Records on July 3, when she was 115 years and 363 days old. Click>> to see more photos Continue reading


IKEA Collaborates with the famous Insane Menswear Designer in The World


Ikea, famous for inexpensive minimalist Swedish furniture, is teaming up with Walter Van Beirendonck, a menswear designer known for making feathered crop tops and neon leggings for dudes.

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82 Years Old Woman Murders Two Men Who Attempted To Loot Her

A woman of 82 years Old Murders Two Men Who Attempted To Loot Her

A 82-year-old super lady gunned down a few looters who needed to attack her home.

A 82-year-old lady, Annabelle Williams, demonstrated two adolescent looters that she is not one to be disturbed when she shot them dead while they were attempting to ransack her at her home.

The grandma told the police that she was dozing in her bed when she heard glass shattering in another room.

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1. Guys texting and driving with their pets.

1 enhanced-5987-1401168020-1

2. Strange dogs hanging out of windows.

2 enhanced-13653-1401383073-2

3. People getting taken for walks by their pets

3 enhanced-buzz-7987-1401168739-3

4. Pets getting exotic snacks.

4 enhanced-buzz-26620-1401166974-4

5. Supercar traffic jams.

5 enhanced-5

6. Smart solutions to traffic jams.

6 enhanced-buzz-6

7. Pets on boats.

7 enhanced-buzz 7

8. Parked camels.

8 enhanced-buzz-8

9. Car park attendants you don’t want to mess with.

9 enhanced-buzz-16137-1401166669-9

10. Backseat drivers you back away from.

10 anigif_enhanced-17275-1401166902-10

11. Bikes with a serious amount of horsepower.

11 enhanced-20660-1401166171-11

12. Lamborghini cop cars.

12 enhanced-buzz-24449-1401165596-12

13. Lamborghini cop cars

13 enhanced-buzz-24351-1401168235-13

14. Cops busting themselves.

14 enhanced-buzz-23036-1401165889-14

15. Road hogs.

15 enhanced-buzz-23542-1401166454-15

16. Backseat drivers you back away from.

16 enhanced-buzz-22435-1401168524-16

17. Stand-up paddle boarders.

17 enhanced-buzz-22389-1401165948-17

18. People walking their camels.

18 enhanced-6074-1401165775-18

19. Stand-up paddle boarders

19 enhanced-buzz-29684-1401169797-19

20. Cell phones worth more than your house.

20 enhanced-buzz-25407-1401166246-20

21. ATMs spitting out gold.

21 enhanced-buzz-15932-1401168412-21

22. Bathrooms that look like this.

22 enhanced-buzz-17190-1401169911-22

23. Bedrooms that looks like this.

23 enhanced-buzz-6074-1401170031-23

24. Grooms wanted.

24 enhanced-buzz-6052-1401168810-24

25. Exotic cuisine.

25 enhanced-buzz-25674-1401166528-25

26. Free food for the poor.

26 enhanced-12796-1401383174-26

27. Modest Starbucks outlets.

27 enhanced-buzz-27

28. Must-buy fashions.

28 enhanced-buzz-28

29. Unorthodox marriage counseling.

29 enhanced-buzz-25471-1401168887-29

30. High-rise tennis courts

30 enhanced-buzz-18491-1401168599-30

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